Hello Melt Blog readers, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Erica and I’m a Community Marking Representative for Melt Buttery Spread.  Part of my job is to spread the word about healthy alternatives to butter and that icky, yellow stuff known as margarine.  So I’ll be writing blog posts to share news about healthy living, eating right, recipes, and other topics of interest to people that want to live better and eat better, people like you! 

                  Melt has changed the way that I use oils and fats in my baking and cooking.  Instead of reaching for butter, I adapted Melt into all my recipes now and my stomach has thanked me.  I don’t have the bloated gut response to carb-heavy desserts like I used to.  What physical benefits have you noticed in swapping out butter or margarine for Melt in your diet?