"Organic Spread"An Organic Spread That Naturaly Tastes Delicious

Say Goodbye To Butter, Say Hello To Melt!®

Melt® Organic Spread features a host of healthy ingredients including Non-GMO Project certified, organic, all-natural fats and oils.
An organic spread with rich and creamy goodness. Rich & Creamy Melt® Organic Spread is the organic spread that truly tastes as good as butter, with all-natural ingredients that just make you feel good. Every bite is perfection, with the Perfect Blend of the healthiest fats and oils that we’ve carefully chosen for you. You can enjoy an organic butter alternative made with only the best virgin coconut oil and flax seed oil that work together to promote a healthy body. Plus, every ingredient is certified Fair Trade and Eco-social. Can you tell we love our organic spread?