"Low Fat Butter"Why Buy Low Fat Butter Blends When You Can Enjoy Melt®?

Say Goodbye to Low Fat Butter, Say Hello to Melt®!

Melt® Organic Spread is a luscious blend of the healthiest organic  oils, without the cholesterol of low fat butter. Only Melt® Organic is made from the perfect blend of fruit- and plant-based organic oils like Virgin Coconut, Hi-Oleic Sunflower, Flaxseed, Palm Fruit and Canola. And all Melt products are Non-GMO Project certified. Together they form the Perfect Blend that is truly good for you and your family. With half the saturated fat and fewer calories than butter, Melt is also high in Omega 3s and the good fats (medium chain fatty acids) to help promote a healthy body. Indulge!