I don’t know about you, but I try to be as health-conscious as possible and limit the amount of saturated fat I eat.  Which, sadly, means almost never using butter.  But thanks to Meg Carlson and Prosperity Organic Foods, I can now use Melt, a butter substitute made of healthy fats and oils on everything!

According to Meg, Prosperity Organics “was born from an authentic need…after debilitating digestive disorders meant giving up butter and other favorite foods.”   Melt features “virgin coconut oil and flax seed oil” and is already being carried in a grocery store near you.  Seattle folks, look for it at QFC.

Prosperity Organics presented at ZINO Society’s 2011 ZINO Zillionaire forum in September was chosen as one of six finalist companies for a $75K fund.  To be expected from a company whose culture is “passion” and differs from the competition in that “consumers trust [Prosperity Organics] because they believe the employees are real people with similar needs…”  Meg has big goals, should she receive funding: “we would accelerate the investment in field sales force and consumer marketing initiatives to more rapidly gain awareness and trial, build loyalty with our consumers, more rapidly commercialize our R&D pipeline and build a national brand sooner than our current plans project.” I’m sure this “small, aggressive, innovative company” can achieve that tall order.

Melt and Prosperity Organics will be successful because the company is “nimble and responsive to changes in market conditions…on trend with latest consumer preferences…addressing concerns about adult and childhood obesity…good stewards of cash…” Check out Melt’s website and watch for Meg’s products, designed with your health in mind on your local grocery shelves.

Please go to www.meltorganic.com for more information about Rich & Creamy Melt organic buttery spread and Prosperity Organic Foods.