Rich & Creamy Melt® Organic is a tastier alternative to Virgin Coconut Oil.

You may have discovered the benefits of adding Virgin Coconut Oil to your daily diet, but did you know that Rich & Creamy Melt® Organic Buttery Spread is an even better choice?

Melt is the first spread to feature healthy coconut oil smoothly blended with flax and sunflower oils for a deliciously creamy taste. With a rich texture you will love, and just a hint of coconut flavor, you will crave it on warm breads, muffins and waffles. And because Melt spreads, cooks, bakes and sautés just like butter, you can enjoy it in all of your favorite dishes. Plus, it’s the perfect blend of certified organic, healthy oils that work together to support a healthy body. So go ahead and drizzle, spread, sauté…you get the idea…it’s all good!

We can assure you that Melt tastes better on your morning toast than virgin coconut oil!

Compare for Yourself: Melt® Organic versus Virgin Coconut Oil:

Only Rich & Creamy Melt proves good taste can be good for you! By “good fat” we mean Melt has a rich and creamy taste, without an overpowering coconut flavor, from our perfect blend of the plant- and fruit-based organic oils that are also good for you. Plus Melt has fewer calories (180 vs. 130) and fewer grams of fat (9 vs. 14) than Virgin Coconut Oil.