Official survey results are in: Melt® Organic Spread is a huge hit with consumers! Over 52% surveyed saying they would definitely (18%) or probably (34%) buy the product (any score over 50% total is a “hit”). Despite the availability of other new butter and margarine alternatives, Melt is seen as very new and different and meets a growing, universal desire for healthier, everyday food options that taste amazing. Melt even has one of the highest word-of-mouth scores in the test database! Melt® On!

Back in the early days when I began to develop Melt® on my own, without a team, and with one consultant providing me with expertise, how do you think we conducted consumer research? On Facebook! Yes, I had just joined the social network giant and relied on my very generous friends as a sounding board for developing the brand name and getting feedback on prototype formulations (you know who you are). The original list of prospective brand names we presented to my close group of friends came back with a big fat “NO! Try again” response – thank God, because they did us a favor.

That was when we went back to the drawing board and looked more closely at people’s comments to come up with a new list of brand name prospects. I have never told my cousin Rebekah this before, but it was out of  her comment, something like, “I see myself melting into my comfy couch, and enjoying a yummy piece of toast…” that we created “Melt” as the brand name.

Such humble beginnings…