MELT Organic Line of Spreads

“. . .what better way to dress up our Idaho potatoes than with Melt® Organic Buttery Spread, headquartered in Boise. The Melt products are produced and distributed by Prosperity Organic Foods, a company originally founded in Hailey that is both health and environmentally conscious. The Melt buttery spreads are certified organic, non-GMO, kosher, eco-social and made with Fair for Life certified Virgin Coconut Oil, and taste like real butter. The company recently made a deal with Whole Foods to distribute in its stores nationwide.” (excerpt from Food Processing in Idaho, Expansion Solutions Magazine, January, 2013)

This article cites major food processors in Idaho through the eyes of a dinner party, starting with the cheese course, as Idaho ranks third in the country for total cheese production. Of course Idaho continues to be #1 for its famous potatoes, growing 29% of all spuds, with dominant companies J.R. Simplot Company and Idahoan. But Idaho is also home to two of the nation’s largest cheese producers – Sorrento Lactalis and Glanbia are located in southwest Idaho. Plus Idaho recently saw the successful opening of Chobani’s second processing plant – a $300 million high-capacity production facility in southwest Idaho. Chobani, a New York based company,and market leader in Greek yogurt, was attracted by Idaho’s strong dairy production and tax incentives. Learn more about other food processing giants in the beverage sector, including wine – 43 vineyards with 1600 planted acres – and beer – 14 breweries – and potato vodka. Plus, Idaho produces a large amount of high-quality beef – a $1.8 billion industry – and is the #1 producer of trout – supplying 72% of the US market. See the complete article HERE.

Prosperity Organic Foods has recently seen significant expansion of its breakthrough new Melt® Organic buttery spreads—a line of luscious, all-natural spreads made from healthier fruit- and plant-based organic oils.  Both Melt and Honey Melt have gained wide distribution at Whole Foods, Albertsons, H-E-B, Fresh & Easy, The Fresh Market, Ingles, Jewel-Osco, Wegmans, and Winn-Dixie along with regional chains that specialize in natural/organic products and now are available in nearly 2,000 stores nationwide. Both varieties recently won Progressive Grocer’s Editor’s Picks for best new consumer products of 2012, while Melt Organic was featured on Dr. Oz as the alternative for those who crave butter.”

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