This week, Delores sat down with Founder Cygnia Rapp and shared her story with us. We were so impressed we wanted to share it with our readers. Does her story resonate with you? Please share her story with your friends and share yours with us as well.

How did you first discover Melt® Organic?

“I first saw Melt in Vegetarian News. I went for so long without using anything and when I read about Melt I thought to myself, ‘I have to try this!’  My local store didn’t have it so I ordered it online – this was back when there was just the Original [Rich & Creamy] Melt. When Honey Melt came out, I immediately bought some and I love it! I like to sprinkle cinnamon on the Honey Melt and it’s a great way to regulate my blood sugar.

I am a big health nut because I had my thyroid removed when I was very young (24 years old). I have been sold on Melt since the Original [Rich & Creamy] came out and I love the fact that you can freeze it. It is so refreshing to have a product like Melt that is reasonably priced; I buy mostly all organic and I am very picky about what goes into my body. I have a high stress job as a 9-1-1 operator and I am able to hold it together because of the way I fuel my body.

I just love your products and I keep thinking, ok what’s next? They have the honey, they have the chocolate. You really did your homework – I can leave Melt on the counter and it doesn’t get funky and oily or I can take it out of the refrigerator and still spread it on toast.”

Do you notice a difference in how Melt® Organic makes you feel versus other choices on the market?

“Oh definitely – I don’t feel sludgy or sluggish. I still have the same energy I had before I ate my toast and I don’t feel like something is trying to work its way through my body. I used to use a vegan butter substitute but I ended up throwing it away because it was an oily mess and nasty to eat. Melt is awesome, it’s not greasy, and I use it every day.”

What are your favorite ways to use Melt® Organic?

“I love using Melt to cook my eggs. I used Melt this morning for making an omelet with egg whites, kale, heirloom tomato, and Irish black ham and it came out perfectly. I also use Melt when I feel the need to have a buttery something, like over steamed broccoli. I experiment with the Original [Rich & Creamy] to make things happen in the kitchen by adding something to flavor it. It’s awesome!

I used to use coconut oil but it’s hard to use out of the tub and honestly I hardly use it anymore.

I have to say I love, love, love Melt and I am dying for the chocolate to come out!

Air hugs to you – I love you for coming out with this product and I tell everyone about it. Thank you for doing this! I am very pleased with Melt!”