Georgia Moen is a huge fan of Melt and sat down with Founder Cygnia Rapp to share her story with us. Author of The Living Thin and Pain Free Diet: My Way Out of Fibromyalgia Through Alkaline Eating (which includes many recipes featuring Melt), Georgia is an inspiration for anyone suffering from fibromyalgia and seeking treatment through diet.

What has discovering Melt meant to you?

“Melt makes life possible without experiencing pain. If I didn’t have your product and a few others, it would be really hard not feeling sorry for myself by eating products that make me hurt. My fibromyalgia came on after surviving a car accident in 1993. I tried just about everything recommended for people with fibromyalgia, except medication because of all the bad things I heard from people who were on it.

About a year ago, my Naturopath Physician suggested I look into an alkaline diet, so I read The pH Miracle by Young and Young. At the time I had chronic headaches that got so bad not even Excedrin would help, so my doctor recommended ear surgery. Before getting surgery, I decided to try the alkaline diet for 3 weeks in case it might turn my headaches around. After three days of being on this diet, I realized that I was sleeping through the night and I was no longer in pain. I could move my arms and back without any pain. After 3 weeks of being on the alkaline diet, I felt so good I decided to stay on it. I can eat Melt because it conforms to the alkaline diet due to its balance of healthful fats and I love how it tastes.”

What was Melt replacing in your diet?

“Melt replaced butter because according to alkaline diet guidelines, butter is considered acidic. Melt doesn’t make my throat itch and I am not in pain after eating it so I use it in place of butter. I like coconut oil, but when I want a butter flavor, I reach for Melt. Toast just isn’t the same with coconut oil.”

What are your favorite ways to use Melt?

“I like Melt best for frying onions as a topping for casseroles. I made a casserole last night with zucchini, thin slices of tomato, and thinly sliced tofu. I layered it with a little tomato sauce and onions fried in Melt on the top. I also poured the leftover Melt over the top: it was amazing! I also love Melt on my pancakes made out of quinoa, buckwheat, and a little coconut flour (it’s in my book). Melt is just plain good on bread and toast.”

Do you have a Melt story you would like to share with us?