Mother of three, Theresa P. of Kansas, is a huge MELT Maniac and sat down with Founder Cygnia Rapp to share her story.

Why are you so excited about MELT?

“Since my youngest son was diagnosed with FPIES (Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) at nine months old, I make the majority of our meals soy-free and dairy-free. I know MELT has a little clarified butter in it (while Honey MELT is completely dairy-free), but my son still seems to tolerate it well. We have to stay completely away from soy because it is so potentially dangerous for him and unhealthy for our daughter because of the naturally-occurring estrogen.

We LOVE MELT because it is so amazing to bake with – I don’t have to figure out how to substitute sunflower oil for butter, I can just use MELT one for one instead of butter.

I am sure you know about other soy-free and dairy-free butter substitutes, which we have used, but they get very thin, melt like oil, and don’t bake well. MELT is amazing because it is the most like real butter out of everything we have tried. The name is so fitting because MELT truly melts like butter. It is fabulous and it tastes so good too. We love MELT; we are really so grateful for it.”

What are your favorite recipes for using MELT?

“Baking is my favorite use for MELT. Not too long ago I made a cake and was able to use MELT without the cake “getting weird” like it does when you use oil. I love making macaroni and cheese with a white sauce; MELT is perfect because it makes it so creamy and good, not oily. I also make sweet breads with MELT like zucchini bread, sweet potato bread, summer squash bread, or whatever we happen to have on hand.

Any parting thoughts?

We have been in the allergy world for close to six years now, watching how it has changed, and are excited by the new products coming. I am hopeful that one day my son will outgrow his allergies, but I know that even when that happens, MELT will always have a place in our fridge! Thank you for such a fabulous product! I’m seriously excited to find the new chocolate version, it looks heavenly!”