Rich & Creamy MELT Organic Butter ImprovemtnWhen Lori B was diagnosed with a very rare lung condition (LAM), she was advised to drastically reduce fat from her daily diet. After three years, she was able to slowly re-introduce fat in restricted amounts. When she discovered MELT was made from ‘good fats’ and was soy free, she immediately consulted her doctor and tried MELT to see if it triggered her LAM. Now, more than one year later, Lori is a huge fan of MELT and sat down with Founder Cygnia to discuss why MELT is so important in her life.

Why are you so excited about MELT?

“In 2010, my life changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with a very rare lung condition called LAM (short for lymphangioleiomyomatosis) that only affects women of child-bearing age. With cysts covering the inside of my lungs, I was told I had five to ten years to live. I was 38 years old. I was instructed to stop eating fat because the vessels in my chest were leaking, and one of the primary causes of this leakage was dietary fat because I did not process fat like other people.

For almost three years, I was restricted to 10g of fat or less per day. At the time I used MCT oil (i.e., medium-chain triglycerides derived from virgin coconut oil) as my fat supplement. But MCT oil is both difficult to find and challenging to use – I had to swallow it off of the spoon. Because of my experience with MCT oil, I was already on board with the medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in MELT.

I came across MELT on the internet and immediately wanted to try it because of the virgin coconut oil and because it is soy free. Since LAM exclusively affects women, I had to be very careful with eating soy due to the naturally occurring estrogen. When my doctor gave me the green light to add fat back into my diet, I had to go slowly and be mindful about the fats I eat. I started with avocado, then a little magic product called MELT appeared and I thought, “Boy, I need to try this.” I printed out the home page and took it to my doctor who approved of the MCFAs in MELT.  I then passed on the information to my dietician and she told me it looked like a great product for me.

We haven’t bought anything else since. I have been eating MELT for one year so I know it doesn’t trigger LAM as it would cause congestion in my lungs. My follow up x-rays are completely clear. I am so grateful to have access to medication that slows the progression of my disease and MELT while I am on a restricted diet.”

Does your family like MELT?

“My husband LOVES MELT; he doesn’t even flinch. At least once per month he’ll check to see if Target is carrying it. We are never going back to the other butter substitutes with junk oils we used before my diagnosis.

I have turned a lot of people on to MELT, including several members of my family and co-workers. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like MELT.”

What are your favorite ways to use MELT?

“I love making tuna casserole with MELT instead of butter. I also use MELT in brownies, cake mix, and cup cakes. I love sautéing with MELT – it functions like regular butter.  Getting my husband to eat MELT was a big deal. He’s picky and for him to switch is amazing. He uses MELT to support his cholesterol levels and increase heart health.”

Any parting thoughts?

“It is really cool you are willing to do this. You have my full support. If I could afford it, I would buy a billboard for MELT. I want to get the word out, not only about my condition but also MELT really is amazing. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to have it, how much I enjoy having it as a part of my life.”

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