Cheryl of Charlotte, NC recently sat down with Founder Cygnia Rapp to share her story with us. Cheryl’s story of finding Honey MELT is similar to mothers around the country who struggle with their children’s severe food allergies. Instead of medicating her son’s symptoms, Cheryl prevents her son’s outbreaks through diet. We tip our hats to Cheryl for her integrative approach to her son’s wellness and are proud to be a part of her son’s dietary therapy. Cheryl is such a huge fan of MELT, she called us and talked us into hiring her to help spread MELT far and wide.

Unraveling Cheryl’s Son’s Inflammation

“My son was diagnosed with a dairy allergy very early on, around 2 weeks old. He could not have a bowel movement at all; when I asked my doctor “What is wrong?”, he said there is no such thing as a constipated breast-fed baby – even though I swore up and down I was nursing him. All they advised me to do was to try eliminating dairy from my diet and continue nursing him. In hindsight, I didn’t fully understand what it meant for a child to have a dairy allergy. My son’s condition worsened – he had eczema everywhere and was very swollen. I switched to a new pediatrician who said my son had nerve issues and needed surgery. In my heart of hearts I KNEW that wasn’t it. I didn’t know what it was, but I KNEW he didn’t need surgery. At eight months, the doctors kept advising me to keep nursing him and I wanted to reply, “This is making him SICK!” I felt like I was eating something that was making my son ill.

I stopped nursing him, and shortly after I met a woman who saw a pediatrician for her husband’s chronic psoriasis. The pediatrician told her she needed to change his diet and she said, “Have you ever heard of such a nut job?” I was like, “Can I have her name and number?” At that point my son’s allergies were so out of control, he was fighting a host of severe inflammatory problems.

This pediatrician was an integrative practitioner; when I went in to see her, she immediately sat down with me to go over the top eight allergens. Since my son was so young, she advised it would be easy to do an elimination diet in order to figure out his food allergies. Within five days of eliminating allergenic foods, he was having normal bowel movements for the first time in his life. We decided as a family to eat an allergen-free diet for an entire year – no wheat, eggs, dairy, shellfish, or tree nuts. I could not put my kid through this without personally experiencing what it was like. Otherwise, it would be too hard to understand how much he needed to eat or how to regulate his energy levels unless I was on the diet too. My son went from a kid with eczema all over his face, head, and arms to one where people look at him and say “Your son has severe eczema?” “Yeah, if I don’t manage it.” I manage his eczema with diet – not steroidal clearing creams – because I understand it’s his diet that is the root cause of his inflammation. One year of clean eating reset his body so we were able to reintroduce some – not all – foods he was previously allergic too, one at a time. We were then able to see what his body is truly allergic to.”

How did you discover Honey MELT?

“It was so rewarding to find something I LOVE and so much better than the products I was using only because they technically met our needs. Before discovering MELT, the butter substitutes I used for baking did not containing dairy (like apple sauce, oils, and other butter alternatives), but I did not love them. I bought them out of necessity. Frankly, the choices for organic, dairy-free butter substitutes were very limited. The one I found at Earth Fare tasted terrible, had a bad aftertaste, and didn’t cook well – it was either clumpy or melted into a puddle. Since I am always on the lookout for new products, I noticed Honey MELT nearly as soon as Earth Fare started carrying it. I saw Honey MELT is dairy-free and immediately liked its taste much better than what I was using. Even better, Honey MELT baked beautifully so I switched our family to Honey MELT and haven’t looked back. The kids absolutely LOVE Honey MELT! I love MELT! MELT is so much better than what is currently on the market.

Honey MELT is perfect for baking. I make everything from scratch – I bake like crazy – so I started buying Honey MELT and telling everyone about it. I also buy the Original Rich & Creamy MELT for myself and it is a phenomenal product. Before MELT was available at Whole Foods, I used to stock up, buying them four at a time at Earth Fare, and storing the extra in the freezer.

I am a huge fan of MELT and I tell people about it all of the time. I have a ton of friends who have children or who are themselves looking for organic, dairy free options. I tell them, “You have to try this product! It is so great and so much better than anything out there.” Even before I called you guys, I was calling Trader Joe’s and asking, “I don’t know why you are carrying that brand when there’s a much better product on the market.” It’s just crazy. I say that to all of the buyers of my local grocery stores: ‘If you are going to carry a butter alternative, then carry the good one.'”