Lyn of Tacoma, WA shared her story with us on discovering Honey MELT® for her son, who loves butter but had to give it up due to food allergies.

How did you discover Honey MELT?

“Last summer, my son was diagnosed with Turrets syndrome. We always knew he had sensitivities to gluten and dairy, but when we received his diagnosis we began to test other parts of his diet to see where he had other food sensitivities. Since he was only seven, it was difficult to eliminate some of the foods he was used to eating, especially butter.

Eliminating butter was particularly hard for our son since he loves it so much. We gave Honey MELT a try when Safeway began carrying MELT – they offered a Just For You program with a coupon for a free container. Sure enough, the first day I spread Honey MELT on his pancakes, our son fell in love with it.”

Do other family members have dietary issues as well?

“We all limit our dairy intake. Our daughter is five and we suspect she is allergic to dairy as well. While she may not exhibit the signs of a full-blown dairy allergy, she seems sensitive to it so we reduce dairy intake wherever we can. For example, we use almond milk instead of regular milk. My husband and I still use half and half in our coffee, but that is it. Our son is sensitive to gluten, and food dyes are another one of his triggers. Corn is another food we avoid.”

How do you use MELT for cooking and baking?

“I am a huge baker. I really struggled when we went gluten-free because I baked my own bread, granola, tortillas, just about everything from scratch. Gluten-free flour does not react like other flours so I had to relearn how to bake. Then we went grain-free, which was an additional challenge to work through. Our kids have gotten used to my baked goods and although they taste a little different from the traditional wheat flour goods, they still eat them.

I use Honey MELT for making muffins, my son’s birthday cake and for the frosting. Honey MELT worked perfectly in my grain-free chocolate cake. Everyone ate it and commented, “I had no idea this was gluten- or dairy-free.” Honey MELT was outstanding for making frosting (especially compared to coconut oil) – Honey MELT held the frosting together like butter would have.”

Where do you typically use Honey MELT?

“Anywhere we use butter, we use Honey MELT – especially since my son is a butter freak. I am excited to use the Rich & Creamy MELT once its vegan. I use Honey Melt with grain-free pancakes and waffles with maple syrup. Honey MELT is perfect for giving that little bit of flavor.”