Leslie of Boise, ID shared her story with us on discovering Rich & Creamy MELT® and Honey MELT® for her family, who used to love margarine and butter but now use nothing else but MELT.

How did you find MELT?

“Someone I used to work with through the bank recently scheduled an appointment. She and I talked about MELT and since she was a big butter eater, she was like, “MELT is so good! You have to try it.” She gave me a tub of the Rich & Creamy MELT and Honey MELT to take home and try with my family. I had never tried it before.”

Were you looking for a butter replacement? Why did you switch to MELT?

“I switched to MELT because I am always looking for better food products to improve overall health. My kids are margarine fanatics and my husband loves butter. I tried finding the healthiest margarine I could (even though it contains soy oil). My husband and my oldest daughter won’t try new things; they don’t want to fix what’s not broken. When I brought home MELT, we were at the very end of margarine in the fridge. I told everyone we are not buying anymore margarine until everyone tries MELT. Everyone instantly loved MELT, even the butter eater: “I can’t taste any difference, I absolutely love MELT.” I haven’t bought margarine or butter since we tried MELT. Its literally all we have in the fridge.”

What are your favorite ways to use MELT?

“We use a ton of MELT on toast, which is probably the most common way use it. Honey MELT is really good on toast. I also use MELT in sautés (sautéing mushrooms), on corn on the cob, and for making grilled cheese sandwiches. Instead of a melted butter, we use melted MELT mixed with garlic for dipping artichoke leaves. We scramble eggs in MELT instead of other oils or butter.

MELT tastes exactly like first drawn butter (I grew up on a farm where we grew our food and made butter from our own pasture-fed cows). We don’t bake, but I use MELT in cooking and for everything else where butter or margarine is called for. I have nothing else in my fridge except MELT. I went to Albertson’s yesterday and bought two new tubs.

MELT is exclusively in our fridge and it makes us so happy.”

Do you notice how eating MELT makes you feel?

“I definitely feel better eating MELT versus eating butter – 100% better in terms of what it’s doing internally.”

Did you know about virgin coconut oil before trying MELT? Was virgin coconut oil something you had eaten much of before trying MELT?

“I had no clue about virgin coconut oil. I am not the best at doing the research, even though it’s fascinating. Hearing your story behind MELT prompted me to look a little deeper. I am definitely interested in healthier food but it’s hard to find the time to look into wellness stuff.

I see myself as the norm. I am a workaholic and while I want to do what’s right, I don’t have a lot of time to look into it. The formal nutritional education behind the product needs to get out more. I introduced MELT to someone here at the office: “You’ve got to try MELT; it’s a no-brainer.” Once people know about it, I think MELT is going to explode.”

Any parting thoughts?

“Keep doing the good work and I hope you expand distribution so it’s not so limited in where I can find it. I’d love to see MELT in Winco or WalMart so I don’t have to drive that extra mile to Albertsons. I am spreading the word for sure.”