Cygnia Rapp, Founder of MELT® Organic, met with Mackenzie of Seattle, WA who has been using Rich & Creamy MELT for over a year as a part of his family’s health goal to adopt a dairy-free diet.

Could you tell us a little bit about why you chose to replace butter with Rich & Creamy MELT Organic?

“My girlfriend is allergic to dairy, so it was because of her that I began examining the effects of consuming dairy on my health. When I was playing college-level soccer, I didn’t need to count calories or be as concerned about food quality. Since I am no longer in “full burn mode”, I soon realized that I need to be smarter about what I eat if I am going to maintain the health standard I am used to. Since I like the flavor of fat, I want “clean” fat in my diet and that’s how I found MELT. I have been reading about how fats are not to be demonized and we need good fat in order to be healthy.

I love cooking – and cooking for my girlfriend. Since I am not making two meals, I prefer to experiment with food everyone can eat, especially food made with MELT because it is cleanly produced. I like to include fat in nearly everything I eat, including grains and oatmeal because it seems easier to digest carbs and protein with a little bit of fat. I add MELT to my oatmeal. I also love cooking eggs in MELT. I prefer MELT over other butter replacements because I like how it melts into the pan and I love the flavor. I also love sautéing – I love pan-cooking.”

Have you noticed a difference in how you feel since you started using MELT?

“I wasn’t really getting what my girlfriend was going through, so when we switched to MELT (and went dairy-free), I noticed she didn’t have the stomach and abdominal pain that she had before. Now that I have reduced dairy in my diet, I realize that I have a slight sensitivity to dairy since I no longer experience gas and bloating.

Switching to MELT started me on a path where I became more health conscious about all of my food choices, not just what to replace butter with. I have also become more health conscious in all other areas of my life.”

What are your favorite ways to use MELT?

“MELT takes the cake for making pie crust in chicken pot pies. I searched for vegan crust recipes and found one using a different vegan spread, and used MELT instead because I love the flavor. I also love using MELT for cooking my eggs and spreading on sun-dried basil bread that’s unbelievable. The chicken pot pie was my first experience baking with MELT.”

Parting thoughts?

“Speaking with you has deepened my appreciation of this process finding a healthier way to live. My girlfriend and I feel isolated at times because of what we need or choose to eat – so does my sister. Being able to discuss food products that you and I have a shared interest in opens up the conversation and is affirming for continuing to explore, sift, and refine my food choices.

When I am traveling, I often feel like McDonald’s is my only choice for food even though it represents everything I don’t want to support. It is worth the effort finding cleanly-produced and healthier food choices because of the long-term benefits even if it requires a little more upfront effort.

My journey started with MELT and finding more products like it has been a kind of joy, especially when you’re walking down a path where you don’t really know what you are getting into. It is a process that I am more motivated to continue as I experience new products, witness my girlfriend’s improving health, and talk to people like you.”