Lesly of Sandpoint, ID discovered MELT Organic spreads during her courageous journey to mitigate her Mast Cell Disorder through diet. Since Lesly is forced to avoid many forms of protein, eating good fats has become a high priority for her, hence her appreciation for MELT.

“With Mast Cell Disorder, I am always dealing with high levels of histamines leaking into my system through my GI tract, so I have had a ton of allergies to food and smells, which was quite scary at first because I would go into anaphylactic shock. I went to an allergist who was savvy enough to know about Mast Cell Disorders and we went from there. Mast Cell Disorder also includes sensitivities to chemicals and fumes. It’s pretty crazy and my condition has changed my lifestyle.

I realized early on that my condition is linked to a leaky gut that probably began after multiple rounds of antibiotics used to treat recurring strep throat.

I was looking for a butter replacement and discovered MELT at my local Safeway. Price point is a huge consideration for me, so I appreciate MELT’s high quality list of ingredients in a product that I can afford.

Because of my situation, I can’t eat non-organic food – I react to even a tiny amount of GMOs. I was sold on MELT Organic spreads because everything in MELT is organic and GMO free –MELT was a no brainer for me. I found other organic and GMO free butter replacements, but they cost twice as much, which is a hardship for me. I am so thankful MELT is affordable and available in my area.”

How do you use MELT?

“MELT is fantastic because there are very few options that I can trust AND afford. I use MELT a several times per day. My morning cup of coffee is the one vice I have held onto; in the morning I use Honey MELT in my bullet proof coffee. I don’t know what it is about those healthy fats but they just start my morning off right. When I use creamer instead of MELT, it’s just not the same – MELT’s healthy fats are very energizing in my coffee.

I am not able to eat most protein because it releases too many histamines, which is what I am avoiding as much as possible, so the healthy fats in MELT have become especially important because they replace eating protein. I get some protein from spirulina and other non-animal sources, but I have to avoid protein from animal sources. I need MELT for its healthy fats.

Since I had to eliminate several foods, I primarily use MELT on roasted vegetables. I make a huge plate of roasted vegetables every night and slather on the MELT – it is so delicious and good for me! I love it.

I am anxious to try Chocolate MELT. I would love to try Chocolate MELT on gluten-free waffles!”

Do you believe your nutritional approach could reverse your Mast Cell Disease?

“That remains to be seen; I am definitely more stable than I was a year ago. During spring last year, I was having anaphylactic shock 4 or 5 times per week; it was very alarming and frustrating. I am not having those issues this year so I have come a long way. Some of it has been from Western Medicine, but I feel like a lot of it is the nutritional information I have researched on my own, especially for changing my diet. I have been able to back off on some of the medication as targeted supplementation and diet have helped me to feel better. That’s exciting.

I was using butter, but I had to stop because my cholesterol was becoming quite high, which was when I switched to MELT. Replacing butter with MELT was the only change in my diet – I just had my cholesterol levels re-measured and while they are still above normal, my total cholesterol is coming down and my HDL/ LDL ratio is improving. I credit eating MELT for my improvement since it was the only dietary change I made. I love it!”