Peg H., diagnosed with incurable cancer, sat down with Cygnia, Founder of MELT® Organic, to discuss her new soy-, dairy-, and casein-free food love: Rich & Creamy MELT.

Thank you Cygnia! I just discovered Rich and Creamy MELT® Organic at my grocery store, and cannot tell you enough how wonderful it is! Amazing! After being diagnosed with incurable cancer five years ago, complications of ongoing treatment left me permanently unable to tolerate any dairy or soy proteins.  If your experience is similar to mine then you know how sad and challenging it can be to have dairy and soy dietary restrictions as they are found in almost everything. There are few choices in butter substitutes that contain no dairy or soy. They nearly all have one, the other, or both. The few alternatives that met my dietary needs were not wonderful to taste.

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE MELT.  Best snack to date – ever – was popcorn popped in Rich and Creamy MELT, then shaken in my homemade Almond Vegan Parmesan Cheese substitute.  Can’t get enough of it!!  Can’t wait to try it in my recipes, but for now I mostly savor MELT on bread and crackers, yum!

For me it was chemo damage that left me unable to handle proteins from dairy and soy so even buying everyday staples like bread became a challenge, and convenience freezer type foods became a thing of the past.  However, once you settle into the idea that you need to cook basically everything from scratch, there is still the challenge regarding ingredients like butter and margarine, which typically have whey, casein, soy or any combination of the three.  When it comes to soy, even going vegan doesn’t work.  Many available options just taste so bad or bland that it reminds you of just how sad the situation is.

That’s what made my chance encounter with MELT so wonderfully surprising.  So much so that I had to take the time to thank you.  Since going through my life changes, I have become very creative at finding solutions, like making dairy-free versions of Alfredo and Stroganoff. However, Cygnia, you didn’t just find a solution, you created one – an absolutely marvelous one.  I am certain you know how wonderful it is to find something that feels and tastes familiar, but without all of the pain. MELT is that for me… a delicious spread, just the way I remember butter tasting.

I never want to be out of MELT again!

I still want to cry when passing a cheese counter? How about a Cheese 2.0??