Founder, Cygnia Rapp, sat down with Joanne P of Wilmington, North Carolina to talk about the important role MELT® Organic plays in her journey by allowing her to enjoy a restricted diet through nutrition instead of paying for expensive prescription medication.

“Everything changed when I was diagnosed with my disease. I cringed, thinking ‘Oh My God I can’t eat almost everything!’ However, MELT was a really wonderful answer for me after I returned this other stuff that tasted disgusting and made me miserable. Now I make French toast and do all my cooking with MELT; I love using MELT in macaroni and cheese. My husband doesn’t even know the difference between MELT and butter! MELT is the one thing that is so great for me and I can’t wait for you all to make it in sticks.”

“I was diagnosed with collagenous colitis. At first, my doctor thought I had a heart condition, so I saw a series of heart doctors. You would not believe what I went through to find out what was wrong with me – over $6400 worth of medical tests. Since they weren’t any closer to figuring out why I was sick, they recommended a colonoscopy. I told them, ‘You people have had such a difficult time, I am going back home to get my colonoscopy done by my local doctor.’ It was my local doctor that diagnosed me with the collagenous colitis.”

“When my local doctor called in my prescription, the pharmacy told me it was going to be $2500 per month. I went into shock. Thankfully, the pharmacy called before filling the prescription because it was so expensive and I don’t have prescription medical coverage. I told them, ‘Oh My God, I am retired from real estate, I can’t afford that!’ I might as well get a chauffeur. My family and I went online and found what I could and couldn’t eat.”

“My doctor was pretty excited about taking my situation into my own hands through diet. After explaining how I had been hospitalized and in intensive care three different times from taking antibiotics, I asked if his prescription was an antibiotic [Yes] and whether he recommended the prescription. He said, ‘Not if you can get along without it.’ Most doctors would have told me that I had to take the prescription. You know how doctors are.”

“I want you to know that I love your product… I adore MELT.”