A message from the Autism Hope Alliance:

We at the Autism Hope Alliance wanted to take this moment on World Autism Day to remind you to NEVER GIVE UP. We know there are good days and days that are harder with our children. We want you to remember to celebrate all of the victories and focus on what they CAN do, not what they CAN’T do. Our children are capable of limitless growth at ANY age!

Here is a World Autism Day 2017 video from our AHA President. This is her son who is on the journey, like many of your children.https://youtu.be/6zlhCS0erOU

Please join the Autism Hope Alliance and MELT Organic in support of World Autism Day. World Autism Day is a unique opportunity to support the thousands of families that face an autism diagnosis each year.

MELT Organic is a proud supporter of the Autism Hope Alliance mission to provide much needed hope and help for autism families today. With a dedicated team of professionals ready to do whatever it takes to help families living with autism, AHA is the first non-profit foundation for Autism to emerge from the natural foods industry.

In addition Autism Hope Alliance introduces families to special foods, supplements, books, cleaners, toys and other crucial supplies from Natural Products companies and the Autism community through their Autism Pantry program.

MELT Organic is a member of AHA’s Autism Approved partnership program developed to set guidelines for Autism Approved Partners, raise dollars, bring awareness, create standards and ensure companies do their due diligence by being socially responsible to the autism community. These guidelines ensure that the Autism Approved products are free from allergens, GMOs, chemicals, and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Please join MELT Organic in support of Autism Hope Alliance and World Autism Day with a donation to AHA, autismhopealliance.org, or by purchasing a Gift of Hope –autismhopealliance.org/give-gift-hope