Ditching dairy is hard. We're here to make it awesome.

Because to you, food isn’t just about food.

Food is what makes life
worth living. It’s luring loved ones to the kitchen with the smell of freshly baked cookies. It’s spending 3 hours on a meal you’ll eat in 15 minutes. It’s the simple pleasure of butter on warm bread. And it’s why we created Melt.

Because ditching dairy shouldn’t ruin your treasured recipes. Or throw family dinners into chaos. Or tarnish your morning toast with artificial oils and allergens.

Plant-based eating should help you ditch dairy’s complicated problems. But keep all of its simple pleasures…

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You deserve a better plant-based experience


Plant-based dairy that cooks, bakes, and tastes just like the real thing. Only it’s better for you, and better for the planet.


Melt Organic Unsalted Butter Sticks Confetti Cake

Fall back in love with your favorite recipes.

As in, your buttery mashed potatoes won’t taste like coconuts. As in, the kids will stop asking why you ruined Christmas with your mushy hippy cookies. As in, your famous seven-layer dip will once again be the talk of the block.

Support your health goals.

Enjoy only cold-pressed, non-hydrogenated oils. Plus perfectly balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fats, less saturated fats, more plant protein, and fewer calories than dairy. Our products are also free of the major allergens—like nuts, gluten, and soy…Gee willikers!


Melt Organic Salted Sticks Breakfast Table
Melt Organic About Us

Let your culinary muse run wild, without wreaking havoc.

Cleaning up your diet can also clean up the environment. We source 100% plant-based, Non-GMO, USDA Organic, OU Kosher, Certified ingredients to help you do both.

Simple Ingredients. Mind-blowing results.

Plant-based doesn’t have to mean highly processed. That’s why we focus on making mind-blowing food with simple ingredients. Like cheesy, melt-in-your mouth spreads made from chickpeas through the power of fermentation.

Like perfectly spreadable plant-based butter, made from a perfect combo of healthy plant oils. No hydrogenated nonsense. Or compounds you can’t pronounce.

Just premium, organic ingredients, made with love.


Melt Organic Salted Sticks Breakfast Table
Melt Organic About Us

Proudly B-Corp Certified.

Redefining our favorite foods goes hand-in-hand with redefining “good business”. We’re proud to join the movement for a more inclusive and sustainable economy. By being held accountable. By pushing ourselves every day to challenge business-as-usual…even though we’re just a bunch of butter-lovers.

Meet the butter-lover in chief.

These days, the world asks a lot of you. Drive a hybrid. Lower your thermostat. Change your diet…But even for the best of us, changing lifestyles…just kinda stinks.

I should know…For years, I worked as a financial advisor, treating my body like a furnace. Throwing in whatever kept the engines humming. I loved what I did. But in 2015, that lifestyle gave me a nasty heart attack.

When the doc told me to cut bad fats and focus on plants, I thought the golden years were over. After all, my favorite memories smell like corn on the cob, oozing with melted butter.

It was only when I woke up 15 pounds lighter, sporting the cholesterol of a teenager, that I embraced what plants could do for my health—and later, the health of our planet. But, I never stopped dreaming of buttery corn on the cob.

That’s why I’m so proud of Melt Organic. Because now you can ditch dairy, improve your health, and tread a little lighter on the planet, without giving up the little pleasures. Now, get cooking.

—Scott Fischer, CEO of Melt Organic

Scott Fisher, Melt Organic CEO

Photo credit: Totally Boise

So are you an at-home culinary genius?

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Or Foodservice Pro?

Discover why Michelin-starred kitchens like 11 Madison Park, as well as your favorite bakery down the street, are serving up their signatures dishes with our plant-based dairy.

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