Cygnia had the pleasure of connecting with Mariya of Tahoe about why she loves MELT and how its been an essential part of her lactose- and gluten-free diet.

What health issues necessitated your search for healthier foods?

“I had painful stomach issues throughout college that I left undiagnosed because I was afraid of anything getting in the way of keeping up with classes, socializing, working, and eating at the cafeteria. I didn’t want to make my time in college any harder than it needed to be. As a result, I didn’t feel well during all four years in college and I didn’t take care of myself.

A couple of years after I graduated, I decided to get to the bottom of my declining health. By then, my symptoms extended well beyond the gastrointestinal stuff to other issues like anxiety, skin rashes, and a fear of food – every time I ate, I felt like I was going to make myself sick. I started seeing specialists and doctors and with the help of a Naturopathic Doctor I finally got to the bottom of it three years ago.

My Naturopath ran an allergy panel and found I am severely allergic to wheat, gluten, and yeast. I immediately stopped eating wheat, gluten, and yeast; my symptoms subsided for the most part, but I noticed I was still feeling sick when I ate dairy. Even though my allergy panel didn’t show a dairy allergy, I still noticed it was making me sick. My Naturopath confirmed many people suffering from prolonged, unaddressed wheat, gluten, and yeast allergies can develop a secondary allergy to lactose.

I have felt 1000 times better ever since I removed lactose from my diet.”

How do you like eating MELT?

“I am a meat, potatoes, and butter kind of girl – it’s the diet I was raised on, so my transition to a gluten- and lactose-free diet was hard. Three years later, it is much easier but I never found a butter substitute that tastes as good or is as versatile as MELT. MELT feels luxurious to eat and I LOVE it with my food where I haven’t LOVED other butter substitutes. I use on everything and it is awesome.

I use MELT wherever I use butter: gluten-free oats, baked acorn squash, corn on the cob, broccoli, all of my vegetables, gluten-free bread, quinoa… I use it on anything and everything I normally put butter on.”

Parting thoughts?

“I LOVE butter, but it just doesn’t work for me anymore. I have tried tons of other butter substitutes, but yours – bar none – takes the cake. It is amazingly delicious. I find myself craving it during the middle of the day. Thank you for creating such a good product!!! I am telling my family and friends.

I hope I see you guys in every grocery store I go into. I am a diehard fan – I have NEVER written a brand or a product rave. I was sitting at the table eating MELT by the spoonful when my boyfriend said, “You are addicted to that stuff.”  “I know I should just write them a letter and tell them.”  All I keep thinking is the grocery store better have MELT the next time I am there.

I want to help young people make healthier food choices for themselves so they don’t have to suffer for years and years. I want to help get the message out on products like MELT. You can eat healthier without sacrificing anything. It’s all there – the taste, the texture – so why not make a healthier choice for yourself?  I want to thank you and I am super stoked on MELT.”

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