Butter up your bottom line

Our plant-based vegan butter cooks, bakes and tastes like its dairy equivalent to meet your kitchen’s needs, while featuring a sustainable story full of health and wellness benefits patrons line up to hear.


Vegan baking is on the rise as consumers seek delicious baked goods that satisfy their desire to eat healthier and their concerns for the environment and animal welfare. Melt Organic is plant-based vegan butter that’s a simple 1:1 substitute for dairy butter with same smoke point, moisture content and performance under high heat.


Over 50% of consumers in the United States are now more likely to make a decision of where to dine by consulting a restaurant’s impact on the environment. Our plant-based vegan butter shares a sustainable story with your restaurant and performs and tastes like its dairy alternative without the allergens and cholesterol.

College and University

Gen Z is the demographic most interested in plant-based foods and consumes 550% more nondairy products than the generation before them. They feel more positive about nondairy alternatives for social, environmental and nutritional reasons. Showcase your commitment to better taste, better health and a better environment by menuing a sustainable, plant-based vegan butter.


With consumers increasingly seeking sustainable and health-conscious culinary offerings, plant-based menu items are becoming commonplace across the hospitality industry. Our plant-based vegan butter performs and tastes like its dairy alternative, while remaining allergen- and cholesterol-free. It’s packed with the better-for-you benefits patrons crave.

Supporting Operators

Showcase your commitment to better taste, better health and a better environment. We offer a range of marketing and product support to help you inform your customers of their new, deliciously buttery opportunity to enjoy foods made with a plant-based vegan butter.