Make it melt on your menu

Melt Organic uses only sustainably farmed, plant-based organic ingredients to reduce the impact our product makes on the environment and to deliver a truly better butter for you and your customers.

    Buttery smooth,

    premium performance

    Melt Organic is crafted from the ideal blend of organic ingredients to create a vegan butter that cooks, bakes and tastes like its dairy equivalent, while remaining allergen- and cholesterol-free. It’s a baker’s quality plant-based butter that’s a simple 1:1 substitute for its dairy alternative with the same smoke point, moisture content and performance under high heat.

      Deliciously satisfying

      Plant-based vegan butter that tastes great

      Baker’s quality product, the ideal ingredient

      Plant-based, certified organic and Non-GMO butter alternative that performs just how chefs need

      Fits within food cost realities

      A versatile and reasonably priced plant-based, vegan, sustainable, organic solution

      A story your patrons want to hear

      Featuring only sustainably and responsibly sourced ingredients from a company that balances purpose and profits

      Versatile, convenient ingredient

      Simple 1:1 recipe substitute for dairy butter

      Broad consumer appeal

      Connects with plant-based loving Gen Z, Millennials and higher income organic consumers and satisfies vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians

      Trending with consumers

      Delivers on the taste and enhanced nutrition trends that are in with customers as a plant-based, organic, non-GMO and dairy-free alternative

      Nutrition benefits consumers seek

      Dairy-, allergen- and cholesterol-free, clean label vegan butter with half the saturated fats of dairy butter

      Now, we’re in business

      Melt Organic is now available for foodservice