"Flaxseed Oil Health Benefits"Flaxseed Oil Health Benefits: Omega-3s In The Perfect Blendtm

Great tasting Melt® Organic includes flax seed oil for Omega 3s and organic virgin coconut oil for MCFAs that work together to promote a healthy body.

What are flaxseed oil health benefits? Flaxseed oil health benefits include the best source of the Omega 3s that your body needs! The high concentration of Omega 3s in flaxseed oil, one of the primary ingredients in Melt®, helps promote a healthy body. The Perfect Blend of  oils in Melt Organic work together to promote heart-health. Looking for other flaxseed oil health benefits? Melt Organic contains no hydrogenated oils or trans fats and is Non-GMO Project certified! So, go ahead. It really is all good! Enjoy all the flaxseed oil health benefits with Rich & Creamy Melt® Organic.